The AMC-SCHOU cylindrical grinding machines are used all over the world and in all industries where the requirements are precision grinding, improved productivity and a flexible and easy to operate machine.

Steel and ceramics
AMC-SCHOU has over the years designed a variety of cylindrical grinding machines to the metal- and ceramic industry. From small companies to large operations - from simple and manual machines to advanced and fully CNC controlled machines.

Machines for the metal and ceramic industry are famous for a solid cast iron design, hydro-dynamic wheel spindle and top components from companies like Siemens and SKF. The design offers great productivity, high level of precision, fine and smooth surface finish, more finished parts per hour and finally improved profit margins.

Within the metal- and ceramic industry workpieces such as bars, tubes, shafts, rollers, hydraulic cylinders, landing gear, tool and dies in various geometries are grounded on the AMC-SCHOU machines.

Diamond-, CBN and vitrified grinding wheels are commonly used depending on the material to be ground. The material can be normal steel, stainless, hardened, carbide, aluminium, ceramic, titanium, chrome etc.
These types of workpieces are used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Examples are:

- The general industrial industry
- The windmill industry
- The tool and die industry
- The aerospace industry
- The defence industry
- The oil industry
- The automotive industry
- The military industry
- The corrugating industry
- The graphic arts industry
- The paper industry

Rubber and non-ferrous
AMC-SCHOU has for many years been the leading force in providing the rubber roller manufacturer with grinding machines especially designed for this industry. Today the majority of the high-end rubber roller manufacturers in Europe and more and more in the USA are using the AMC-SCHOU machines.

We take great pride in being at the forefront of developments within this industry, and in meeting the needs of our customers in an ever-changing market.

We supply state-of-the-art grinding equipment that meets every need - from simple straight grinding to parabolic and grooved rollers in any possible shape.

High speed grinding with either rubberhog- or vitrified grinding wheels is quite common in this industry and also widely used with the AMC-SCHOU machines.

Within this industry rollers covered with various material, such as rubber, silicone, polyester urethane, nylon, photopolymer sleeves, fiberglass sleeves and polyurethane sleeves are grounded.
These types of rollers are used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

Examples are:
- The printing industry
- The film industry
- The laminating industry
- The paper industry
- The transport industry
- The plastic-folio industry
- The textile industry
- The wood industry
- The packaging industry
- The graphic arts industry

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