Following is a partial list of customers in various industries- and countries that are using cylindrical grinding machines from AMC-SCHOU. Our customers are the best judges of our performance and quality and we should be happy to connect you with relevant companies grinding the same or similar parts as you.

Steel- and ceramic industry

Belgium- Cummins Distributors

Colombia- Carbones De Colombia

Denmark- HMF

Egypt- Egyptian Tank Plant

England- GKN Axles Ltd.

France- Lufkin Industries

Germany- Rotec

Germany- Alcan (Nachterstedt)

India- Asoke Iron Works

Italy- Praxair Surface Technologies

Korea- Yang Heun Machinery

Kuwait- Kuwait Oil Company

Malaysia- Ryoshindoh (Mitsubishi)

Poland- Impexmetal

Portugal- Ricardo & Barbosa

Singapore- Horiguchi Engineering

Singapore- Caterpllar Remanufacturing

Spain- Macneny

Switzerland- Hartcromewerk Brunner

USA- Hill Airforce Base

USA- Lufkin Industries




Rubber and non-ferrous industry

Austria- Gummiwerk Kraiburg

Belarus- Alutec

Belgium- Hannecard

Denmark- Teknisk Gummi

Denmark- Otto Nielsens Emballage

England- Miller Graphics

England- Fife Engineering

Germany- Westland Gummiwerke

Germany- Schäfer KG Gummiwalzen

Germany- Rotec

Greece- Attalus binding & Laminating

Holland- Egberts Rubber

India- Lathia Rubber

Korea- Kwangsung Rubber

Malaysia- Kossan Rubber Industry

Norway- Valseteknikk

Switzerland- Huber & Suhner

Sweden- Trelleborg AB

U.A.E.- Ocean Rubber

USA- ABBA International

USA- Rotec North America

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