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Engine Rebuilding Machines

AMC-SCHOU AS has delivered more than 15.000 machines to over 100 different countries. Our aim is to be the natural partner for the quality conscious engine rebuilders of today and tomorrow.
- The Benefits of Precision.

  • Crankshaft Grinding Machines

    Crankshaft Grinding Machines

    Able to grind crankshafts up to 6 meters long with standard model (contact AMC for grinders longer than 6 meters as customized order), One of the best machines in the business. You can easily find your interest by length of workpiece, 1500, 2000, 2700, 3700, 4000 or 6000 then choose U-hydraulic manual, P-PLC or C-CNC control options by suffix.

  • Honing Machine

    Honing Machine

    Two machines are offered - the M-model (manual) and the A-model featuring constant feed on the honing stones.
    H1000A  H260A

  • Cylinder Block Boring and Milling Machines

    Cylinder Block Boring and Milling Machines

    These acclaimed machines are further improved with variable spindle speeds, more powerful motors and throw-away inserts. Do the job in half the time with the CM 1800V machine!

  • Line Boring Machine

    Line Boring Machine

    Machines offering easy reboring of main bearings: Block length up to 2500 mm (98.5")

  • Crack Detector

    Crack Detector

    For inspection of cracks in steel and iron components. The component demagnetises automatically.

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