CNC grinder/groover

CNC grinder/groover
  • CNC grinder/groover

-Travelling table design ensuring stability and accuracy for decades.

-The only cast iron CNC controlled grinder/groover in the world capable of grinding all thinkable grooves plus convex, concave, tapers and various other surface contours. The ultimate machine that covers all needs within the rubber roller industry.

-Programmed through the Siemens 840D controller, allowing you to grind various surface contours such as cylindrical, parabolic, sine curves, crowns, convex and concave, radius, tapers, angles and multiple diameters.

-Siemens servomotors offering variable speed, high accuracy, low vibration and large torque also at low speeds.

-SKF and Deutsche Star high precision ball screws for X- and Z-axis ensuring smooth, accurate and trouble free movements of the antifriction covered table and wheel slide.

-SKF bearings in heavy-duty design in head- and tailstock ensuring smooth and trouble free rotation of even extra heavy work pieces.

-Hydrodynamic grinding wheel spindle ensuring no vibrations and no wear as the spindle is rotating on an oiled film. Runout less than 0.001 mm.

-All main components are made of high quality castings from well-established foundries. These are specially processed to avoid any internal stresses in the material ending up in machines that are entirely free of vibrations.

-Simple, stable design with very few movable components resulting in next to no downtime at all do to mechanical problems. Great savings on maintenance costs, as maintenance is limited to cleaning and lubrication alone.

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