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Extra Equipment for Engine Rebuilding Machines

AMC-SCHOU delivers a wide selection of extra equipment for the K-Machines.These expansions make the everyday use of the machine faster and thereby more profitable.


Automatic Sizing Gauge
Automatic sizing gauge allows continuous control when grinding (can be used with steady rest).
CE Safety Guards
CE safety guards can be mounted on the head- and tailstock to offer protection against the rotating counterweights.
Heavy-duty Steady Rest
Heavy-duty steady rest for large crankshafts.
Essential for big jobs.
Throw-setting Device
A factory mounted throw-setting device is a must for V-crankshafts.
Stroke Measuring Device
The device for measuring length of stroke gives a direct reading for quick throw-setting.
Axial Journal Control
Can be fitted on a standard AMC-SCHOU machine.
Grinding time can be reduced by 30-40% when grinding identical crankshafts in batches.
Wheel Balancing Stand
A balancing stand ensures fast and reliable wheel balancing.
The balancing arbour is standard equipment.
Extra Counterweights
Extra counterweights can be fitted on a standard machine for balancing large crankshafts.
Essential for heavy-duty work.
Device for crankshaft sag
The gauge allows direct reading of sag thus allowing easy adjustment of the steady rests.
EAM unit
Electronic in-process control with unique light strips to indicate out of round. Two meters for rapid and final sizing.
Multi-adjustable callipers - available for all sizes of crankshafts. Reset switch to desired undersizes.
A must for fast and accurate work.
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