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Extra Equipment for Engine Rebuilding Machines

AMC-SCHOU delivers a wide selection of extra equipment for the SG-Machine.These expansions make the everyday use of the machine faster and thereby more profitable.


Cylinder Head Setting-Up Fixture
A set of 4 special jacks enables an efficient and easy setting-up of parallel as well as angled cylinder heads.
The setting-up can be performed without removing studs, valves or springs.
V-Block Setting-Up Fixture
The top face grinding of V-engine blocks with 60°-90° or any other inclination is very conveniently performed with this special setting-up fixture consisting of two pedestals, three bars and a clamping device.
Manifold Setting-Up
By means of the same two pedestals used for setting-up of V-engine blocks, a pivotable plane, a support and a clamping device plus two clamps enable difficult shaped work pieces such as certain manifolds to be set up and ground correctly in the SG-1400 surface grinding machine.
Milling Attachment for Aluminium Heads
The milling attachment is equipped with 2 cutters adjusted from the factory.
Interchangeable standard milling inserts are used and the whole attachment is easily mounted on the grinding wheel without removing the grinding segments.
Magnetic Chuck for Industrial Use
The great capacity of the SG-1400 plus the built-in accuracy make it extremely well suited for a long row of industrial jobs.
By using a magnetic chuck the range of applications of the machine as an industrial grinding machine is widely extended.
Grinding wheel dresser
Built-in grinding wheel dresser, adjustable for dressing at any angle.Always ready for use.
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